Get an artificial intelligence powered workplace and access the world’s best data sources to create highly relevant B2B contact lists.

  •  Platform

    Artificial Intelligence Workplace

    Watch your leads develop right in front of you with SugarBot®’s playground.

  •  Sources

    Data Source Marketplace

    Strengthen your results by selecting from the hundreds of datasources.

  •  Results

    Sweet Contacts

    Pull your selections from the , edit, and push to Pardot by Salesforce

Patent pending artificial intelligence makes it easy and cost-effective to get incredibly relevant results.

Features that get premium sweetness.

Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

SugarBot® takes the guesswork out of creating powerful search tags. You can also use any language you like.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

SugarBot® learns from your work in the Confectionary to make things better as you go along. Focusing results becomes easier, which brings you relevancy even quicker.

Data Sources

Data Source Marketplace

Build up your SugarBot® with an array of robust, reliable, and regularly refreshed data sources to increase the sweetness of your lists.

Pardot Plugin

SalesForce Plugin

Export your customized leads to your Pardot By Salesforce and increase your workflow and effeciency.


SugarBot’s® patent pending technology delivers premium leads at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time. You get a powerful confectionary and data sources galore to work your strategy.

The robust artificial intelligence provides you with beyond fresh information. Go ahead and work your SugarBot® like a rented mule and watch it get stronger by the day. You are a force to be reckoned with in this domain.